Drake's Dad I Didn't TRICK Drake Fans ... I AM 'More Life'

3/6/2017 10:06 AM PST

Drake's Dad Denies Tricking Fans, Insists He IS 'More Life'


Drake's dad, Dennis Graham, has carte blanche to use the title of his son's upcoming album, "More Life" -- even if it confuses Drake's fans -- because Dad says he came up with it!

Dennis sent Drake fans into a frenzy Sunday when he posted what appears to be the cover art for the album -- it's a pic of Dennis -- with the caption, "Tonight's the night." Eager fans assumed Drizzy's record was dropping ... but Dennis was really just promoting his own gig at Delilah in WeHo.

We got Dennis outside after the show and he refused to apologize for the mix-up. Seems the only message he had for Drake fans is ... read the fine print!