Nancy Grace Skewers Casey Anthony ... 'Caylee Never Had a Chance'

3/7/2017 2:31 PM PST

Nancy Grace Skewers Casey Anthony, I See Why 'Caylee Never Had a Chance'


Nancy Grace is angry and sad about Casey Anthony's flippant remarks about Caylee -- and can't understand how Anthony sleeps "pretty good at night."

Nancy lit into Anthony when we talked to her about the AP interview where Caylee's mother --acquitted of her murder -- said her daughter would be a "badass" if she were alive today. You gotta hear how Nancy reacted to that statement.

Nancy also choked up over Casey saying she has no guilt or remorse, and sleeps just fine.

This makes it clear ... if Casey Anthony's gonna be talking again ... Nancy Grace is still gonna be on her ass. As it should be.