Katt Williams Bailed on Assault Lawsuit ... Ordered to Pay $86k

3/8/2017 2:16 PM PST

Katt Williams Ordered to Pay $86k for Bailing on Assault Lawsuit


Katt Williams' silence is golden for the brain surgery patient who sued him ... in fact, $86,000 worth of gold!

A Georgia judge just ordered the comedian to fork over that dough to Paul Love, who sued Katt last year for allegedly punching him in the head when Love was 10 weeks into recovering from brain surgery.

The legal victory was easy, considering Katt went MIA ... and never responded to the lawsuit.

We broke the story ... Katt allegedly flew into a rage at a pool supply store, and was accused of throwing a punch which sent the guy back to the hospital.

Katt has said he flipped out because Love called him the n-word -- but he did not share that tidbit with the court. Might've helped, but as it stands ... that'll be $86k, sir.