Trump Tower Floor Plans Stolen From Secret Service Laptop

3/17/2017 9:43 AM PDT

Trump Tower Floor Plans Stolen from Secret Service Laptop

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Floor plans to President Trump's NYC home base are now in the hands of someone who stole a Secret Service agent's laptop.

The agent's computer was jacked from her car Thursday while it was parked in her Brooklyn driveway ... according to the NY Daily News. The laptop contains floor plans, including evacuation measures, for Trump Tower ... as well as info regarding the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

While the prez hasn't been back to Trump Tower since his inauguration ... Melania and Barron are still living there until he finishes the school year. As we first reported ... NYPD is already looking at assembling a special unit dedicated to protecting the building.

Our sources confirm a few stolen items, like a black bag with the Secret Service emblem, were recovered ... but the laptop's still missing.