Paris Hilton Nobody Wants to be Launched with Sex Tape But ...

3/29/2017 7:53 AM PDT

Paris Hilton Says Nobody Wants to be Launched with Sex Tape But ...


Paris Hilton engaged in some revisionist history over her relationship with Kim Kardashian and the sex tapes that made them famous.

PARIS TODAY -- We got Paris at LAX and our photog asked about the story that she and Kim were together in Australia back in 2007 when Kim's sex tape hit the market. When our guy dared to say it launched Kim's career, she fired back, "I don't think anybody would want to be launched like that."

BACK IN THE DAY -- Kim's sex tape -- and Paris' too for that matter -- could not have been sold without their consent. On top of that, both made untold millions from their videos, which undeniably put them front and center in the celebrity universe. To be fair, both women became incredibly successful entrepreneurs in a variety of business ventures.

PARIS TODAY -- Paris told our photog she has known Kim all her life and loves her.

BACK IN THE DAY -- During their legendary feud in 2008, vying for top dog spot, Paris called Kim's ass, "cottage cheese stuffed in a trash bag."

BTW ... we love Paris and the fact is ... both women did more than ok.