French Montana Trusts 'Hustling' Candy Kids ... Game Can't Say the Same

4/2/2017 9:03 AM PDT

French Montana Drops Hundo for Candy-Selling Kids


French Montana has a very charitable policy when it comes to kids hawking candy -- give 'em the money first, ask questions later.

We got French leaving Le Jardin in Hollywood Saturday night, where he helped out a teen selling sweets by handing him cash -- looks like a $100 -- and giving him props for working hard.

Watch his face after he gives up the hundo though. French assumed the kid's a high school athlete raising money for his team, but seems to realize he should've confirmed that sooner.

In the end, French seemed convinced he didn't get ripped off ... which is more than we can say for The Game, who called out the kids as candy "hustlers."