President Trump Won't Be Charged in Florida's Trump U. Corruption Probe

4/6/2017 3:08 PM PDT

President Trump Will NOT Be Charged in Trump University Corruption Investigation


President Trump and Florida's Attorney General won't face criminal charges in that state over claims he paid her off to avoid a lawsuit over Trump University.

Florida's State Attorney 20th Judicial Circuit says there is insufficient evidence to pursue charges against Trump or Pamela Bondi. The complaint under consideration involved the Trump Foundation making a $25k donation to Bondi's 2013 re-election campaign.

That donation came right around the same time Bondi decided Florida would not join a lawsuit filed over Trump University allegedly defrauding students. 

The FL State Attorney's Office says it couldn't prove there was a "quid pro quo" between Trump and Bondi -- and there were only "hunches" of a bribe.

Bondi still faces a state ethics panel review of the matter later this month.