The Game Sues Viacom for $20 Mil You Gotta Pay My Sexual Assault Accuser

5/1/2017 10:10 AM PDT

The Game Sues Viacom for $20 Million, Accuses Co. of Casting Criminal On His Show


The Game says Viacom  should cover the $7.1 million owed to his sexual assault accuser, because it cast a violent criminal on his reality show, despite a doctor recommending she get the boot.

The rapper's going after the parent company of VH1, which he says cast Priscilla Rainey on "She's Got Game." In docs, he says a doctor working on the production cited Rainey's long rap sheet -- which includes multiple felony arrests for aggravated battery.

According to the suit, the doctor said ... "In moments of jealousy, [Rainey's] normal composure dissolves, leaving her to acting out of control."

Game says the show thought Rainey would add a spark -- aka ratings -- so it ignored the doctor.

Rainey ultimately was kicked off the show, and shortly after filed a suit against Game alleging he sexually assaulted her at an off-camera outing. She won a $7.1 million judgment and Game says Viacom should take that hit, plus another $13 mil in damages.

We've reached out to Viacom. No word back.