Lil Wayne I'm Ready to Sue Martin Shkreli If 'Carter 5' Leaks Again

5/18/2017 12:40 AM PDT

Lil Wayne Will Sue Martin Shkreli If 'Carter 5' Leaks Again


Lil Wayne is demanding Martin Shkreli hand over his copy of "Tha Carter V" and says if the infamous disgraced pharma exec leaks anymore of it online ... he's taking his ass to court.

We're told Weezy's lawyers and Universal Music both fired off cease and desist letters after Shkreli leaked more tunes earlier this month from the stupidly long-awaited album.

He first played the record on the Internet around Christmas, but Wayne didn't sue because Shkreli gave his word he wouldn't do it again. That word lasted 5 months. As we reported, Shkreli leaked 2 more during a livestream. One of the tracks features Kendrick Lamar.

Sources close to Wayne tell us they think Shkreli's just doing it for attention, but now he's on notice ... the next time WILL earn him a big fat lawsuit.