One Love Manchester More Than 50,000 Came ... Only 1 Arrested

6/5/2017 10:29 AM PDT

One Love Manchester Concert Sees Only One Arrest Out of 50,000 Fans


Ariana Grande's One Love Manchester concert had nearly 50,000 united in song as they left the show -- all except one guy ... who left in handcuffs.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ out of the massive crowd at the Old Trafford cricket ground, police made just the one arrest. We're told the bloke was busted for drunk and disorderly conduct.

The sole perp was arrested in the middle of audience after he started to get disruptive. Cops hauled him away before anything got out of hand. The fact it didn't -- in such a large crowd -- shows the mood in Manchester was all about compassion.

In this case ... one bad apple did NOT spoil the whole bunch.