Lil' Kim Exercises Miranda Rights at Strip Club

6/29/2017 7:30 AM PDT

Lil' Kim Exercises Miranda Rights at Strip Club


Lil' Kim has a right to remain silent ... when it comes to talking about the robbery that went down at the L.A. home she intended to rent, and she did -- even at a strip club.

The rapper was leaving Crazy Girls early Thursday morning in L.A. where we first buttered her up, and complimented her attire. We then asked point-blank if she's worried about being named a person of interest in the robbery during BET Awards weekend.

We'll say this ... Kim and Miranda are good friends.

TMZ broke the story ... Kim demanded her deposit back on the house, but the owner refused. A couple hours later, the owner was robbed by people in ski masks with weapons. They made off with the deposit check and cash totaling at least $20k. Police have named Kim a person of interest.