Dustin Diamond Screech Needs Scratch ... Guzzles Chewing Tobacco Spit for $25

8/1/2017 11:42 AM PDT

Dustin Diamond Drinks Chewing Tobacco Spit for $25 for Comedy Game Show


"Saved by the Bell" star Dustin Diamond will stoop to disgusting levels to make a quick buck, but at least it was for the sake of comedy ... we think.

Screech headlined a comedy game show at The Rialto Theatre in Akron, Ohio Saturday night and took it upon himself to participate in one of the challenges to win a cash prize ... and he went all out for $25.

The challenge was to take a shot -- but it was 50/50 odds whether it would be bourbon or someone's chewing tobacco spit. It didn't seem to matter to him, though ... as long as it resulted in the audience buying some of his merch.

The strangest part -- Dustin had already earned his 25 bucks BEFORE he took the shot of spit, so he just did that for show ... and extra t-shirt sales.