Taylor Swift Lookin' Sketchy in Butt Groping Trial

8/10/2017 10:22 AM PDT

Taylor Swift Drawn Terribly In Court Sketches for Butt Groping Trial

Taylor Swift took the stand to testify this week in her butt groping trial -- but from the way she was drawn in court sketches ... you'd never know it was her.

Sketches show Taylor in what appears to be a floral top, under an updo with loose curls ... keyword here is appears.

Point is ... the sketch is pretty bad, and not very flattering. The guy she's accusing of literally latching on to her ass, David Mueller, got a more neutral side profile sketch ... where he was seen with a hand over his face as Taylor testified.

Still ... neither are as bad as the infamous Tom Brady sketch that was drawn during his Deflategate hearing. The jury definitely ain't out on that one.