Seattle Protesters Pepper Sprayed By Cops ... Silly String Starts It

8/13/2017 3:34 PM PDT

Silly String Initiates Seattle Protesters Getting Pepper Sprayed Day After Charlottesville

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The pepper spray is already flying in Seattle as protesters have started to clash with police the day after chaos in Charlottesville ... and it seems to have been initiated by silly string.

Two rallies got underway in Seattle Sunday -- one which was pro-Trump (which also included alt-right members) called "The Freedom Rally" and another anti-Trump one called "Solidarity Against Hate" -- which had remained relatively peaceful until moments ago ... when one group of protesters shot silly string at cops.

You see the police react by pepper spraying the crowd -- most of whom appear to be "Solidarity" protesters. You also see explosions going off in the midst of the clash ... although it's unclear who set them off.

There are reports of fireworks being used against police, and footage from the streets seems to confirm that account.

This latest melee comes a day after chaos and death in Charlottesville ... where one woman was killed after a man allegedly plowed his car into a crowd