Caitlyn Jenner Chewed Out by Trans Woman Over Trump Support

8/27/2017 1:51 PM PDT

Caitlyn Jenner Chewed Out by Trans Woman Over Donald Trump Support

Caitlyn Jenner got ambushed and verbally assaulted by a trans woman at an LGBT event this weekend over her support for Donald Trump ... and the video's intense.

Caitlyn was attending a Trans Chorus of Los Angeles performance Saturday night at the L.A. LGBT Center when she was confronted by trans activist and journalist Ashlee Marie Preston.

In the video -- which Ashlee later posted to her Facebook -- she comes up to Caitlyn, who innocently goes in for a hug ... but then checks her and unleashes a tirade about what she claims is Caitlyn's continued support of Trump ... this 1 day after he officially authorized a trans ban in the military.

Caitlyn remains stoic and still for most of the lecturing, as friends around her try to defuse the situation. But then she tells Ashlee ... "You don't know me," which sets Ashlee off even more.

A little fact check ... Caitlyn isn't down with Trump anymore, despite recently being seen rocking his headgear

Still, Ashlee doesn't seem to appreciate Caitlyn's presence here at all. That much she makes clear.