Kanye West Drugs, Booze Caused Breakdown ... Insurer Hints in New Suit

8/30/2017 8:37 AM PDT

Kanye West Countersued by Lloyd's of London (UPDATE)

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9:20 AM PT -- Kanye's attorney, Howard King, tells us the countersuit "is the same generic response Lloyd's files when they don't want to honor a legitimate claim but can't find a factual basis to deny the claim."

Kanye West isn't getting paid for his canceled tour because Lloyd's of London believes his breakdown was his own fault, and fueled by prescription drugs and illegal drugs ... according to a new lawsuit.

Lloyd's filed a countersuit against Kanye's Very Good Touring, and in the docs, says he refused to produce information it needs to determine whether to cover his losses after pulling the plug on the Saint Pablo Tour last year.

Lloyd's doesn't state specifically that Kanye was using drugs and/or booze, but claims something he did triggered the policy exclusions that refer to using substances. You'll recall ... in the original lawsuit, Kanye's touring company claimed Lloyd's was dragging its feet because it believed his breakdown was triggered by marijuana.

Kanye sued the insurer for $10 mil. In its docs, Lloyd's says it wants the judge to rule it's free and clear to NOT pay Kanye a dime.