Khloe Terae Who Needs Floaties ... I've Got These!!

9/4/2017 12:10 AM PDT

Model Khloe Terae Slips into Swimsuit, Multitasks on Paddleboard


Khloe Terae doesn't need a runway to flaunt her goods ... a stand up paddleboard will do just fine.

The Playboy and Maxim model hit Marina del Rey for a little paddleboarding. Actually ... it was more like she put on the hottest balancing act in a number of enticing ways. She stood, straddled, kneeled, laid and stretched on the paddleboard ... 'cause just standing upright is sooo boring. 

If Khloe seems thirsty -- don't worry, she re-hydrated afterward while on a yacht ... topless.

You get the point. Less reading, more clicking.