D. L. Hughley Trump is A Lot Like the Kardashians ... When It Comes to Obama

9/6/2017 6:29 AM PDT

D. L. Hughley Says Trump is A Lot Like the Kardashians When it Comes to Obama


D. L. Hughley thinks it's a YUGE mistake on President Trump's part to kick out nearly 800k Dreamers on DACA ... and he's comparing him to the Kardashians for it.

We got the comedian Tuesday at LAX, where he dished on why DACA recipients are so important to our country -- and his reasoning comes down to dollars and cents, straight-up.

Then D.L. throws down a low blow to the Kardashians, saying Trump's mission to dismantle everything Obama did is bordering on their obsession with ... well, listen for yourself.