Montel Williams Trump Ending DACA Is Just a Race Play for Whites!

9/5/2017 3:24 PM PDT

Montel Williams Says Trump Ending DACA is Race Play For Whites


Montel Williams thinks the real reason President Trump decided to end DACA is purely about hate and keeping white folks on top.

We got the ex-talk show host Tuesday in NYC -- soon after Trump announced he intends to repeal DACA -- and he sees it as a racially motivated move that will actually do significant financial damage to the country.

Montel says those 800k or so Dreamers who could be deported will leave a major void -- but as long as it prevents America's "rainbow" from getting too colorful ... the Prez doesn't care. 

Haven't seen Montel this intense since ... well, the last time 45 made a controversial decision