Lexy Panterra I WANT Giancarlo Stanton ... For Lifelong Friendship

9/9/2017 12:10 AM PDT

Lexy Panterra Wants Giancarlo Stanton For Lifelong Friendship


MLB home run leader Giancarlo Stanton is NEVER getting to home plate with pop singer (and twerk queen) Lexy Panterra ... and that's coming DIRECTLY from Lexy, who says the two are just friends.

And they're gonna stay that way ...

We got Lexy at Poppy (NEW HOLLYWOOD HOTSPOT ALERT) and asked her if any of the fake chemistry in their steamy music video could turn real.

That's when she did what MLB pitchers have been avoiding all year -- went right into Giancarlo's zone ... but this time it was his FRIEND ZONE.

Watch the video below, coulda been hot together.