Randy Travis Sues Texas Over DWI Naked Arrest Video

9/12/2017 4:00 PM PDT

Randy Travis Sues Texas Over DWI Naked Arrest Video

Randy Travis is one determined country singer ... he's filed yet another lawsuit, gunning for the Texas officials who want to release a video of his DWI arrest.

Travis was arrested in 2012 for a DWI in Texas ... he had crashed his Trans Am and tried to walk naked into a convenience store after the crash.

Randy cursed the arresting officers, wishing they got cancer. He also threatened to shoot one with 60 rounds and bury him under a barn.

There has been a dogfight over whether the video showing the arrest scene should be released to the media. Several Texas courts have ruled portions of the video are fair game, but the judges did say shots of below the waist should not be released.

Randy is now going over the heads of Texas judges. He's filed a federal lawsuit this time around, arguing he has privacy rights ... namely, because he was exhausted, intoxicated and medicated, and this is tantamount to releasing private medical records.

Randy is asking the federal judge to block the state of Texas from releasing the video.