Morgan Freeman Must Think He's God to Take on Putin ... Says Russian News

9/22/2017 7:10 AM PDT

Morgan Freeman Pisses Off All of Russia with Anti-Putin Video ... Says Russian News

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Morgan Freeman's pissed off all of Russia and is now public enemy #1 at the Kremlin ... if you're buying what Russia's state news is selling, anyway.

Freeman is getting blasted by the media over there for starring in a Rob Reiner-produced video that calls out Vladimir Putin for interfering in the U.S. elections, and President Trump for not responding to the cyber attack.

News outlets are now labeling him "Hysterical Freeman" ... bringing in psychiatrists who say he has a "Messianic complex" from playing God and the President. Russian film director Yuri Grymov said, "I think, the grandpa just got drunk" -- and one anchor reportedly dismissed Morgan as an overworked pothead.

Anyway, here's the video that's bumped 'Shawshank Redemption' from Russian cable for good.

Side note: Imagine if our Prez really did rock double earrings.