Tomi Lahren to Megyn Kelly Haters Gon' Hate Because You're Still a Conservative

9/29/2017 9:17 AM PDT

Tomi Lahren to Megyn Kelly: Haters Gonna Hate Because You're Still Conservative


Tomi Lahren subscribes to this theory -- you can take Megyn Kelly out of FOX News but you can't take the conservative out of Megyn ... and that's why she's struggling at NBC.

We got Tomi out in NYC and asked her why she thinks Megyn's morning show is making headlines for all the wrong reasons. For the uninitiated ... Megyn asked a "Will & Grace" fan if he became gay after watching the character Will. Megyn also drew a mean side-eye from Jane Fonda, who totally ignored her question about plastic surgery.

Simply put, Tomi says it ain't easy being conservative.

BTW ... Trevor Noah's gotta LOVE that Tomi's plugging his show on her head. Super BTW ... why'd our camera guy interview Tomi in the middle of the street? We're on it.