'Survivor' Star Kat Arrested for Battery Allegedly Whacked BF's Face

10/4/2017 9:35 AM PDT

'Survivor' Star Kat Edorsson Arrested for Hitting Boyfriend in the Face


We heard from Edorsson's lawyer, who informs us that the case against her client was "determined to be unsuitable for prosecution and the record of any charge has been dropped."

A 2-time 'Survivor' contestant is facing a battery charge after getting into an argument with her boyfriend and allegedly hitting him in the face.

Kat Edorsson was arrested early Saturday morning at an apartment complex by the Orlando PD after cops responded to a battery call. According to the police report ... Kat and her boyfriend were arguing in the lobby, and the security guard saw her strike him in the left side of his face.

Cops say the BF didn't retaliate and didn't want to press charges, but because she was determined to be the "primary aggressor" according to a witness ... she was arrested anyway.

Edorsson's facing a dating violence battery charge.

Kat tells TMZ ... she and her BF had a minor disagreement that "unfortunately got blown out of proportion when an uninvolved party observed the incident and falsely reported the circumstances."

Kat appeared on 'Survivor' seasons 24 and 27.