Alesso & Anitta Shaaa Man ... Amazon Music Vid Shoot Was Awesome!!!

10/13/2017 12:10 AM PDT

Alesso and Anitta Hire Brazilian Shaman to Pull Off Music Video Shoot


Swedish DJ Alesso and Brazilian singer Anitta teamed up to make a music video in the middle of the jungle ... but they couldn't have done it without a shaman-for-hire.

Sources close to production tell TMZ ... shooting the "Is That for Me" music vid was no easy task, because Alesso and Anitta did it on location in Manaus, Brazil. It's deep in the rain forest, and difficult to access.

Shooting 3 hours from any major city, we're told production set up a makeshift village -- more than 100 cast and crew, generators for all their electricity and tons of bug repellent. One issue they couldn't tackle was the weather -- and that's where the shaman went to work.

We're told Anitta hired the Brazilian shaman to bring good weather each day, so they could keep the shoot on schedule. Based on the behind-the-scenes footage -- the shaman earned his keep.

Check out the final result for yourself when the video drops Friday.