'Days of Our Lives' Sued 400 lbs. of Lights Crushed Me!!!

10/31/2017 9:49 AM PDT

'Days of Our Lives' Producers Sued by Set Designer


A "Days of Our Lives" set designer suffered severe brain injuries when hundreds of pounds of lighting gear came crashing down on her ... according to a lawsuit.

Karla Bergstrom is suing Sony -- distributors of the long-running NBC soap -- claiming the company hired a bunch of negligent set builders whose shoddy work resulted in her traumatic accident. 

In docs, obtained by TMZ, Bergstrom says the workers were lowering a 400-pound bar of stage lights back in 2015, but failed to give anyone a heads-up. She says the grid came down on top of her, causing her head injuries. 

Bergstrom's suing Sony and the lighting company, Goodnight and Co., for damages and her medical expenses. We've reached out to Goodnight and Sony, so far no word back.