NYC Terrorism Accused Terrorist Mows Down Pedestrians ... NYPD Takes Him Down

10/31/2017 12:43 PM PDT

Mass Casualties After Accused Terrorist Mows Down Pedestrians in NYC

One driver, who police are calling a terrorist, rammed pedestrians and cyclists in lower Manhattan Tuesday, killing 8 people and injuring about a dozen more.

The FBI says it's investigating the incident as an act of terrorism. Video from the scene shows multiple people injured on a bike path which runs adjacent to NYC's West Side Highway. Police have the suspect in custody after an officer opened fire, shooting him in the abdomen.

NYPD says the alleged terrorist drove down the bike path for about 20 blocks before running into a school bus. That's when the NYPD officer engaged and shot the suspect.

The attack is the deadliest act of terror in NYC since 9/11.

Singer Josh Groban was in a nearby park with his dog, and says he heard 8-10 shots ring out as he fled the area.

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