Paz de la Huerta Harvey Weinstein Raped Me Twice ... NYPD Opens Investigation

11/2/2017 6:04 PM PDT

Paz de la Huerta Claims Harvey Weinstein Raped Her Twice

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Harvey Weinstein forced himself on "Boardwalk Empire" star Paz de la Huerta twice in her home ... according to the actress, whose allegation has launched a new NYPD investigation.

Paz told CBS News the first alleged rape happened in October 2010 ... when Weinstein offered to give her a ride to her NYC apartment following a party they both attended. She claims he insisted on having drinks at her place, and when they did ... "He pushed me on the bed ... and it happened all very suddenly."

She claims the second assault happened a couple of months later when he showed up in her lobby. Somehow they ended up inside her apartment again, and Paz alleges he raped her again. She also says she was drinking and in no condition to consent to sex.

Weinstein has previously denied the non-consensual sex allegations from dozens of women. We've reached out to his camp regarding Paz's accusations.

The D.A.'s Office says a sex crimes prosecutor is on the case, along with NYPD.