Jared Fogle Jailhouse Lawyer Wants to Help Him ... Seriously

11/7/2017 12:16 PM PST

Jared Fogle's Case Gets Jailhouse Lawyer's Attention, Seriously


Jared Fogle's clearly made at least one friend in prison ... because a jailhouse lawyer wants to get him out. 

Jared's pal, Frank Edwin Pate, filed legal docs to say there's no proof Jared traveled to engage in sex with a minor. The docs, obtained by TMZ, say therefore the 15-year prison sentence the judge handed down should be thrown out.

Frank, btw, is 2 years into a 210-month prison sentence for fraud. So, not exactly Clarence Thomas here. Besides, there's no need for the court to prove anything ... since, y'know, Jared pled guilty to traveling to engage in illicit sexual conduct with a minor.

Fogle's lawyer, Ron Elberger, tells TMZ he's still working with Fogle. As for Frank Pate, Elberger says, "It's not an uncommon practice for jailhouse lawyers to assist" fellow inmates.

Where's Steve Nigg when you need him ...