Bob Saget America's Favorite Dad Getting Hitched Again!

11/8/2017 11:15 AM PST

Bob Saget Is Getting Married Again

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Bob Saget is filling his house again ... he's engaged to his girlfriend, Kelly Rizzo.

The "Full House" star announced the engagement Tuesday in a totally most Saget way. After a double date with Kelly, pals Katie Killean and ex-"Seinfeld" producer George Shapiro -- he captioned this shot, "In case you’re wondering, we were celebrating our engagement — and I know George and I will be very happy together."

Not Bob's first time down the aisle. The 61-year-old was married to Sherri Kramer Saget for 15 years, but they split in 1997.

We know what you're thinking -- Bob digs 38-year-old Kelly for her big ole sense of humor. She showed it off too with her own engagement shot. Mazel!