Justin Bieber God's Rules of the Road Count to 18 and Then Flip a B****

11/16/2017 6:48 AM PST

Justin Bieber Makes an Illegal U-Turn After 18-Second Hug with Pastor


Justin Bieber must've felt holier than thou hugging it out with his pastor for 18 seconds ... but it didn't last, 'cause he became a sinful L.A. driver soon after.

We got Bieber leaving a church service at the Saban Theatre in Bev Hills Wednesday, where he gave one of his pastors, Judah Smith, a big bro hug on the way out. And by big, we actually mean long as hell ... like 18 seconds long ... ALLIGATOR seconds at that.

Seems like Justin got a lot out of the embrace, but whatever Godliness he felt quickly faded as he drove off ... 'cause the Biebs did a super illegal U-turn getting outta there.

Remember, Justin: WWJD? Walk ... probably.