'Catfish' Host Nev Schulman Look What My 1-Year-Old Can Do!

11/29/2017 3:22 PM PST

'Catfish' Host Nev Schulman Has a Super Smart 1-Year-Old


And now ... some much needed comic relief, courtesy of "Catfish" host Nev Schulman's insanely cute kid, who's learned a thing or 2 in just over 12 short months. 

We got Nev and his wife, Laura Perlongo, at LAX with their little girl, Cleo. Nev recently told us Cleo was learning how to walk, and let's just say ... you've come a long way, baby!

She's doing a lot more than walking and, based on this video, could have a future in medicine. Mom and Dad are rightfully beaming with pride.

We're ecstatic too ... to share some good news. #Cleorocks