NBC News President We Need to Do a Better Job ... With Sexual Harassment

11/29/2017 11:25 AM PST

NBC News President Tells Staff, 'We Need to Do a Better Job' with Sexual Harassment


NBC News honchos have addressed the troops about Matt Lauer's firing, and they said they have to do a better job letting alleged victims know they can safely report sexual harassment and assault.

NBC sources tell us in one of the meetings NBC News President Noah Oppenheim did not further explain why Matt Lauer was fired, nor did he say who would get his job at "Today."

We're told Oppenheim said Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb said it well when they expressed the difficulty of reconciling their affection for Matt with his apparent behavior.

Oppenheim said his heart goes out to the woman who came forward who triggered the firing, and added his heart also goes out to any other woman who might have been victimized.

The news boss said NBC has "zero tolerance" for sexual misconduct and the company has "multiple channels" to report such abuse. He then said NBC needs to do a better job letting employees know they are safe to report such misconduct, even anonymously. He said, "We implore you to come forward."

We're told a video editor at MSNBC said they were about to run an interview Matt did with George Clooney and asked if MSNBC should scrub Matt from the show. Oppenheim said he hadn't thought about it but "probably yes."