'Beverly Hills Pawn' Star Sued You Got the Time ... Where's My Cash?

11/30/2017 5:19 PM PST

'Beverly Hills Pawn' Star Sued Over Luxury Watch Deal


Friday 3:35 PM : We are told the matters between Yossi Dina and William Hubner have been resolved and Hubner will be dropping the lawsuit. 

The star of "Beverly Hills Pawn" made a deal with a luxury watch aficionado to hawk a couple of his time pieces worth more than $75k, but came up way short ... according to a lawsuit.

The watch lover, William Hubner, says he went to Yossi Dina with several high-priced watches: 2 Diamond Piagets, 1 Chopard lady's diamond, 1 Patek Philippe Clock and 2 Audemars Piagets. Hubner says Yossi did what he does, and sold the Diamond Piagets.

In the suit, Hubner says his cut was supposed to be $75k, but Yossi only gave him $30k. The shorting pissed him off, so he demanded Yossi give him back the rest of the gear.

That hasn't happened, so Hubner's suing the pawn master to get the outstanding $45k, and the remaining pieces ... which have to be worth more than $100k, if you know watches.

Yossi tells TMZ this was all an accounting screw-up and Hubner will get his dough.