Harvey Weinstein & Georgina Happy 10th Anniv ... She Gets $12 Mil If She Leaves Now

12/19/2017 12:50 AM PST

Harvey Weinstein's Prenup Says Georgina Gets $12 Million If She Divorces Him Today


Georgina Chapman stands to get 8 figures if she divorces Harvey Weinstein today, but their prenup says he could fork out much more ... now that they've crossed the 10-year mark.

The Weinsteins' 10th anniversary was Friday, and while they obviously have nothing to celebrate ... the milestone triggers a major bump in spousal support. The prenup they signed in December 2007 says Georgina gets $400k annually for every year of marriage, if they divorce now.

Before the anniversary, that number was only $300k. 

The docs also spell out her cut of their marital assets. For the first 5 years of marriage, Georgina gets $250k per year -- and for years 6 through 10, she gets $700k per year. That totals up to a lump sum payment of $4.75 million.

But wait, there's more -- a housing allowance. Mrs. W gets $25k per month of marriage, with a cap of $3 mil ... which they've reached after 120 months together. 

Add in the 10 years of spousal support -- for another $4 mil -- and the grand total is $11.75 million.

The numbers are huge, but so are their bottom lines. Weinstein is reportedly worth north of $250 mil ... while Georgina's net worth is roughly $20 million.

This all assumes Georgina files for divorce sometime soon. We know she's hired a high-powered NY divorce attorney, but, so far, no docs have been filed.

The prenup does have a gag order of sorts -- they both agree not to publish diaries, memoirs, letters, stories, photographs, or do interviews referring to their personal biz or financial affairs. Ditto for movies and TV deals. Sorry, Lifetime.

One last thing. If, by some miracle, the Weinsteins are still together a year from now ... Georgina's annual split of their assets goes from $700k up to a cool $1 mil per year.