Meek Mill, Martin Shkreli Xmas Behind Bars Ain't So Bad For Us Worse 4 El Chapo, Abby Lee

12/25/2017 1:00 AM PST

Meek Mill & Martin Shkreli's Xmas Celebration Behind Bars


Meek Mill might be behind bars, but that doesn't mean he can't buy himself awesome Christmas gifts from his commissary, and same goes Martin Shkreli, but not so much El Chapo and Abby Lee Miller.

We got a list of things Meek, El Chapo, Shkreli and Abby Lee can buy while in lockup and El Chapo and Abby Lee got the shorter end of the stick. Here's what they've got access to purchase ...

Meek Mill, Correctional Institution in Chester, Pennsylvania ...
-- RCA flat screen TV with remote ... $242
-- Timberland boots ... $92.65
-- Bathrobe ... $23.60

Martin Shkreli, Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center ...
-- Radio ... $48.65
-- Nike Overplay IX ... $67.60
-- New Balance sneakers ... $54.60

El Chapo, Manhattan Metropolitan Correctional Center ...
-- MP3 player with music and educational materials monitored by the prison ... $88.40
-- Watch ... $19.95
-- Thermals ... $17

Abby Lee Miller, FCC Victorville, California ... 
-- Replica G Shock .. $9.10
-- Chess set ... $14.30
-- Sunglasses ... $7.60

Meek can also receive holiday packages, but limited to things like Hostess fruit pies, vanilla health shakes and trail mix, while Shkreli can purchase Christmas cookies and candies.

But hey, at least they don't have to deal with any family drama.