Lorde Israel Gets the Ax Russia Keeps the Green Light

12/26/2017 7:38 AM PST

Lorde Cancels Israel Concert, Keeps Russia Tour Dates Intact

Lorde has a funny way of picking and choosing countries in which to perform -- she canceled her show next year in Israel ... but kept her tour dates in Russia.  

Lorde pulled the plug Sunday in reaction to backlash over her upcoming Tel Aviv concert next June, with some fans saying she shouldn't support what they call "ethnic cleansing" of Palestinians.

President Trump recently recognized Jerusalem as Israel's new capital, and stirred up a new wave of controversy in the region. 

Lorde said in a statement, "i've received an overwhelming number of messages & letters and have had a lot of discussions with people holding many views, and i think the right decision at this time is to cancel the show." She adds ... "i pride myself on being an informed young citizen ... but I'm not too proud to admit i didn't make the right call on this one."

What's interesting is that Lorde has decided -- at least for now -- to keep her 2 Russia tour dates intact, which are set to take place in May. If she's going the human rights route ... she might want to rethink this one, too.