Chief Keef I Was On 8 Drugs In My DUI Bust

1/3/2018 2:29 PM PST

Chief Keef Had Morphine, Codeine, THC, 5 Other Drugs in System in DUI Arrest


Chief Keef had a pharmacy of drugs in his system when he was busted for DUI ... TMZ has learned.

We broke the story ... Keef was arrested in April in Miami, after cops say they saw him doing a weed deal.

Keef submitted to a urine test, and now we know the results, and they're pretty amazing ... Keef had the following drugs in his system:

-- Morphine
-- Codeine
-- Promethazine
-- THC
-- Hydrocodone
-- Norcodeine
-- Dihydrocodeine
-- Hydromorphone

8 drugs (EIGHT) in his system.

The State's attorney actually dropped the DUI Tuesday, but it was a scheduling issue. The DUI was refiled Wednesday.

BTW  ... we learned firsthand how out of it Keef can be ... on "TMZ Live"