Harvey Weinstein Fear Not, Hollywood ... He's Still in Arizona

1/4/2018 6:21 PM PST

Harvey Weinstein in Arizona Despite Rumors He's Back in L.A. for 'Golden Globes'

Exclusive Details

Harvey Weinstein's not hanging out in L.A. preparing to crash a 'Golden Globes' party this weekend ... because he's still hundreds of miles away.

Rumors started circulating online Thursday the notorious producer had made his way back to Hollywood and was staying at a Beverly Hills hotel where press for the awards show was being done ... but it's not true.

TMZ's obtained a photo of Weinstein -- which we're told was taken around 4 PM Thursday in Arizona -- and word is ... he's not planning on going anywhere anytime soon.

A few actors -- including Rosanna Arquette and Ellen Barkin -- posted messages earlier suggesting Weinstein was in town ... and expressing disapproval.

They can rest easy. False alarm.