Tiffany Trump Dad's Not Getting As Much Mickey D's As He'd Like

1/5/2018 6:05 PM PST

Tiffany Trump Denies Dad Eats McDonald's in Bed, Not Every Night


Donald Trump's youngest daughter's confirming one claim in 'Fire and Fury' ... or she's at least admitting Michael Wolff came pretty close to the truth.

We got Tiffany Trump leaving Kings Road Cafe in L.A. Friday, and asked her about one of the many odd claims in the new tell-all book -- that the Prez is crushing burgers in bed while watching TV.

Tiffany doesn't try to hide her dad's passion for the golden arches -- let's face it, neither does he. But it sounds like something or someone's stopping him from chowing in bed.

Impulse control? That's new.