Orrin Hatch I'd Like to Help Oprah ... In 2020 Presidential Run

1/8/2018 2:13 PM PST

Orrin Hatch Says He'd Like to Help Oprah in 2020 Presidential Run


Senator Orrin Hatch gave us a big surprise Monday ... he said he'd like to sit down with Oprah and help her if she decides to run for President in 2020.

We got the Utah Senator -- who's retiring this year -- at Reagan National Airport in D.C., and he seemed gleeful about the Presidential buzz following Oprah's Golden Globes speech.

Mind you ... Hatch is the longest-serving Republican in the Senate, who has been super conservative over the years.

Hatch goes as far as to say she'd be a serious candidate if she handles things properly. It's interesting ... he was more overtly supportive of Oprah running than Elizabeth Warren, who deflected the question.