Oprah Winfrey Owner of Oprah2020.com Says, 'I'll Sell It for 6 Figures!!!'

1/9/2018 11:38 AM PST

Owner of Oprah2020.com Domain Will Sell for 6 Figures


Oprah Winfrey better pony up the dough if she wants to own Oprah2020.com for her possible presidential run ... because the dude who's got it wants a huge chunk o' change to unload it.

We spoke to the guy who bought the domain around 2 years ago in 2016 who tells us it came cheap -- but he's willing to sell it for a whole lot more -- at least 6 figures.

The man tells us he bought the domain when he realized Donald Trump had the potential to upset Hillary Clinton. Figuring another huge celeb could run in the future, he put his money on Oprah and pounced.

While the owner of the domain says he's yet to be contacted by anyone from Oprah's team to buy it ... he's all ears.

And if you're wondering, the guy says Oprah's got a chance for his vote, too. Get ready, Donald.