James Franco No-Show at Critics' Choice Upset, Frustrated

1/12/2018 6:34 AM PST

James Franco No-Show at Critics' Choice, Upset, Frustrated

Exclusive Details

James Franco was nowhere to be seen Thursday night at the Critics' Choice awards because he was extremely upset over sexual misconduct allegations against him ... sources connected to Franco tell TMZ.

Franco won Best Actor in a Comedy Film but was not in the hangar at the Santa Monica Airport to claim the trophy.

Our sources say the actor is in a bad place ... upset and frustrated over allegations he says are untrue.  Franco endured several grillings on talk shows in the last few days, saying he'd rather take a bullet than cast aspersions on the #MeToo movement.

One source said on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being inconsolable, Franco's a 6.

He flew to L.A. Thursday to attend the awards, but obviously had a change of heart.