Eddie Van Halen Sues Videographer Over Old Footage You Really Got Me ... Mad!!!

1/26/2018 6:52 PM PST

Eddie Van Halen Sues Videographer to Keep Him from Selling Old Rehearsal Footage


Eddie Van Halen ain't talkin' 'bout love, but he is talkin' 'bout a videographer who's allegedly trying to make a quick buck by selling old band footage ... according to a new suit.

The Van Halen guitarist claims he invited videographer, Andrew Bennett, to film music rehearsals with his son, Wolfgang, and his bro, Alex Van Halen, back around 2006 with the purpose of using the footage for a DVD or video project.

Eddie claims he didn't like the footage and scrapped it ... but Bennett threatened to release it years later and claimed he never got paid. According to the docs ... Eddie says they settled the matter in 2015, and Eddie got the rights to the footage after the settlement.

However, Eddie claims Andrew's back at it and is now trying to sell the old footage ... and even released a trailer for it on his website, 5150vault.com. 

According to the docs ... Van Halen got the site suspended for copyright infringement, but Bennett launched another one with a similar name and is currently linking to a preview video of the music rehearsals.

Eddie's now asking a judge to step in and order the removal of the video, keeping Bennett from releasing or selling footage, and damages.