Mally Mall Trump's Good for Economy ... It's the Racist Stuff I Hate

1/26/2018 7:03 AM PST

Mally Mall Thinks Donald Trump's Racist, But Good For U.S. Economy


Mally Mall doesn't have a problem with the way Donald Trump is handling the economy, only with how the prez handles the American people.

We got Mally Mall heading into Lucky Strike in Hollywood Thursday night and surprisingly the rapper had something nice to say about Trump, but only when it comes to the way 45 does business for America.

Trump's been shaking the U.S. economy, first by pulling America out of the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiated under the Obama administration and now enforcing trade laws. The TTP is now an 11-nation pact that will be signed in March, without the U.S.

Mall says he doesn't mind Trump shaking the economy, but when it comes to the people, Trump's been "too real" and needs to stop making racist comments.