Justin Timberlake 'NSYNC Super Bowl Reunion Buzz It's Building, But ...

2/1/2018 2:52 PM PST

'NSYNC Super Bowl Reunion Buzz Builds with Alleged Sightings

Exclusive Details

Justin Timberlake is saying one thing, but his fans' eyes around Minneapolis are saying there's evidence an 'NSYNC reunion could be going down during the Super Bowl halftime show.

Here's what we know: JT flatout told reporters at Thursday's news conference in Minneapolis, "No" ... his old group is NOT getting back together. However, multiple people claiming to be in Minneapolis say they've seen all the 'NSYNC members, minus Justin, in the downtown area.

Before ya get too excited, here's some more info: Lance Bass was posting pics of himself skiing Wednesday in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Joey Fatone was spotted late Wednesday night in Orlando signing autographs for some fans.

However, there's the miracle of air travel! Joey's publicist and manager tell us the singer IS now in Minnesota -- but they say he's just doing appearances at Super Bowl events. We know ... halftime would seem to fall under that umbrella.

On the other hand, Joey was in L.A. last week and told us, point-blank, the reunion ain't happening.

Believe him?

As for Lance -- his manager says he's back home in L.A. The only missing links are Chris Kirkpatrick and JC Chasez.

Final tally: 2 members in Minneapolis, 1 in L.A., 2 locations unknown.