2 Chainz My New Motto ... Go Blimp or Go Home!!!

2/20/2018 7:44 AM PST

2 Chainz Says He Dropped 7 Figures for Blimp Stunt


Some rappers throw down a mil or two on a Bugatti, but not 2 Chainz ... he poured his dough into a blimp!

If you missed it ... Titi Boy slapped the name of his new album, "Rap or Go to the League", on a giant blimp over the weekend and flew it over Los Angeles. Prime time advertising, considering the NBA All-Star Game was in town. 

We got Chainz at LAX Monday night and he seemed pretty satisfied with how the promo stunt went. We're not so sure he's thrilled with the cost though.

One thing's for sure ... helium ain't cheap! Not to mention, he opted for the glow in the dark option. As they say ... gotta spend money to make it, and 2 Chainz definitely just dropped a bundle.