Kim Kardashian So Who Won 'Family Feud'?!!?

2/25/2018 8:02 AM PST

Kim Kardashian Not Giving Up Who Won 'Family Feud'


Kim Kardashian was coy about her fam's appearance on "Family Feud" ... she won't give up whether the Kardashian's kicked the West's asses or vice versa.

Kim was leaving the Create & Cultivate Conference -- which empowers women to launch their careers -- Saturday in Downtown L.A. when we asked about the game show.  TMZ broke the story, the plan was for the Kardashians to square off against the Hiltons, and although Paris and Kathy were on board the other family members were not so they bailed.

And check out the little girl who engages Kim, asking her to follow her on Instagram to support her pet project, Child Hunger Sucks. We check ... so far, Kim isn't following her but the day is young.