'Black Panther' Actor I'm a DACA Dreamer ... But, I Fear the Future

2/26/2018 1:20 PM PST

'Black Panther' Actor Bambadjan Bamba, I'm a DACA Dreamer But I Fear the Future


A "Black Panther" actor is one of many DACA recipients sighing in relief after the Supreme Court refused to take up the case ahead of schedule ... but he says his future in America is uncertain.

Bambadjan Bamba came on "TMZ Live" hours after SCOTUS issued the Trump administration a crucial blow in its bid to phase out DACA by March 5 ... basically telling the Prez to kick rocks and to allow the case to go through the appeals process first.

Bambadjan says the court's decision -- or non-decision, if you will -- is not the long-term solution for those who want to renew work permits and remain in the country.

Bamba says Dreamers need to keep up the fight ... something he's doing with his upcoming podcast, "My Undocumented Hollywood Dream."