Barbra Streisand Violet, Scarlett ... Meet Yourself Clone Dogs Visit OG's Grave

3/5/2018 3:29 PM PST

Barbra Streisand Took Her Clone Dogs to Visit Original's Grave

Barbra Streisand is apparently taking her love of dogs (or at least one dog, theoretically) to the grave ... quite literally, in fact.

The pop singer posted a photo Monday of her two clone dogs, Miss Violet and Miss Scarlett, visiting the grave of their creator, Samantha -- the original pup from which they were made.

She kinda took a shot at Variety for misquoting her in a cover story they did, as well as ribbing The New York Times for running a cropped version of this pic in their Sunday edition. Seems like mama wanted the world to see the whole thing in all its glory.

Barbra describes the photo on her site, saying ... "My little girls were looking at their mother pictured on her tombstone." She also calls the photo "amazing." 

That's an understatement, Barb.